The Biggest Home Builders in Australia Are Set to Begin Construction on New Sites


According to the HIA-Colorbond steel Housing 100 report, the biggest residential builders in Australia are set to begin construction on 125 new sites in 2020-21, the highest level in 28 years. The report also highlights a significant shift towards detached homes and a decline in units. In fact, the industry is expecting a growth in the number of detached homes by 49.1% in 2020-21 compared to the last report, which was published in March 2015.

While the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates to combat inflation, the “housing recession” has continued to linger, limiting the number of new homes built. Meanwhile, the rising prices of homes are keeping many potential buyers out of the market. Housing starts fell last month by a record nine percent month-over-month and 18.3% compared to July 2011. This is the fifth consecutive monthly decline, and the housing market remains far from its peak in November 2020.

Why Should You Hire Custom Home Builders?

Custom home builders offer many benefits to their clients, and should be considered when planning your new home. These professionals will help you design your dream home, oversee construction, and listen to your ideas and concerns. A good custom home builder will be honest about his limitations and suggest alternatives to help you realize your vision. He should also have a good track record and reputable references. You can check reviews and testimonials from customers and check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints against the company.

Interviewing a custom home builder

Asking for references is a great way to get a better idea of a builder’s past work. Get in touch with previous clients, as well as current ones, and ask them to provide feedback on the builder’s quality of work, communication style, and overall project management.

It’s also important to get an idea of the builder’s personality before making the final decision. You can do this by asking for references and visiting past or current projects. While you’re there, get to know the builder’s staff and how well they communicate. Getting a feel for their personality and the type of home they have built will help you make a more informed decision on the builder for your custom home.

Communication and listening skills

Communication and listening skills are key to a successful building process. These skills can be taught, practiced, and perfected. Active listening is the process of fully understanding the speaker’s message and responding thoughtfully. In contrast, passive listening is simply hearing without retaining what the speaker says. Active listening is crucial for a variety of reasons, including building relationships, solving problems, improving processes, and retaining information.

When hiring custom home builders, make sure the people on your team are responsive and easy to communicate with. Look for a builder with managerial-level employees and those who are responsive and communicative. Whether you’re working with a general contractor or a construction management company, it’s important to work with people who have excellent communication skills and listening skills.


If you’re planning on building your own home, hiring a professional home builder can be a great idea. You’ll be able to get a better handle on the building process and avoid potential issues. DIY home building can lead to budget runaway projects, unreliable subcontractors, and unexpected costs. Plus, a DIY build can put your construction loan at risk.

Before choosing a custom home builder, make sure to consider their past projects. Look for a good portfolio, tour some of their previous homes, and speak with some of their clients. If a builder has a good body of work and hasn’t had too many problems with former clients, you’ve probably hired a good contractor.

Discounts from suppliers

Discounts from suppliers can be a great way to save money when building a custom home. Because custom home builders build dozens of homes a year, they have built relationships with local suppliers and can pass along the savings to you. However, these discounts are not guaranteed. To get the best deal, you need to do some research and ask the right questions.

For example, a custom home builder can buy materials at bulk discounts from a variety of suppliers. This can help you save money when buying materials, including appliances and flooring. Many custom builders have long-standing relationships with suppliers and frequently purchase similar items in bulk. These relationships help them secure significant discounts that they can pass on to their customers.


When looking for a custom home builder, consider the reputation of the company. A builder’s reputation is earned through previous projects and provides the future homeowner with peace of mind. The builder’s reputation is also important in establishing a trusting relationship between the builder and homeowner.

A custom home builder’s reputation is a reflection of the quality of services that they provide. These builders work hard to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the services provided. Check out luxury home designs by Brookhaven Homes.


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