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The new XM1 MKII was designed with input from some of Austraila's premier audio retailers, to produce a loudspeaker that is designed to impress. With newly designed drivers, a stunning new tweeter, and a uniquely different crossover design, the XM1 MkII has been created to be unlike anything else in it's price

The 25mm treated silk dome tweeter from Danish Driver manufacturer Peerless used in the XM1 MkII has a dual chamber for greater power handling at lower frequencies, and has extension well beyond 30 kHz. The tweeter has a sound that is extremely detailed and fast, and also have a very smooth open sound.

The improved mid-bass drivers in the XM1 MKII are designed for both power and finesse. They are long throw drivers with a 33mm high temperature voice coil and a shielded dual magnet structure. They have been designed to perform well both at lower and higher crossover points.

This means a higher crossover point can be achieved, with the critical frequencies of the vocals coming out of the one driver. The result is improved phase response, and more natural, realistic vocals.

The drivers have very high power handling qualities, and are specially designed to present a very transparent and detailed sound quality across the entire vocal spectrum.

The unique crossover design has been developed specifically for bi-amping, and the improvement you will get from this already superb loudspeaker simply by bi-amping will astound you. The increase in performance, dynamics and detail will make you believe you are listening to a loudspeaker that sells for twice the price. We know you will be impressed with the new XM1 MkII.

3-WAY Bass reflex loudspeaker
  Frequency Response 32Hz to 25kHz (+-2.5 dB)
  Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
  Drive unit details 3 x 165mm Woofer - Critically damped doped paper composite cone
1 x 25mm silk dome Tweeter - Ferro fluid cooled, Mild Horn loading
  Cabinet Style Vented Enclosure
18mm MDF
Timber Veneer
  Crossover: 18dB crossover @ 3.5kHz
  Recommended Amplifier Power 25W to 200W
  Dimensions (mm) 965(H) x 230(W) x 395(D)
  Net Weight 25Kg
  Finishes Black & Jarrah

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