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 Audiophile sound, quality, and longevity...

We have been asked for a long time by our customers to design and manufacture a high quality, affordable compact bookshelf loudspeaker, and finally it is here. The XB2 is a special partnership between enclosure, drivers and crossover. These are not your usual affordable compact loudspeaker.

The key element with the XB2 was, first and foremost, to provide a high degree of musicality, along with the traditional scale and dynamics SuBsonic is famous for. The XB2’s have an extremely accurate and balanced presence, with no frequency range dominating another.

Imaging is deep and wide, and with good quality source and source material, they have the ability to separate instruments and place them in their correct position on the soundstage.

The tweeter has a lovely silk dome, and is vented into a rear chamber. The sound from the tweeter is sparkling, clear and open without being harsh. It is extremely musical, balanced and does not dominate the performance like so many tweeters do in this price range.

The extremely natural sounding mid/bass drivers have been designed to have a real timing and pace, which keeps up with even the most demanding tracks, but never sounds harsh or fatiguing. They are a real pleasure to listen to.

 High quality crossover components are utilised to get maximum performance out of the XB2’s for many years to come. We have used air cored inductors (much more expensive than traditional magnetic core inductors), because they have much lower distortion at higher listening levels, and will not saturate and change their inductance values (along with their filtering capabilities) like their cheaper counterparts.

Nearly all loudspeakers in the XB2’s price range use cheaper, inferior electrolytic capacitors, which deteriorate with time, as the electrolyte gel inside them dries out. The XB2’s capacitors are all high voltage polypropylene capacitors which do not deteriorate with age. This means that the XB2 loudspeakers will sound just as good in 10 years time as they do today.

It is very important in the reproduction of music, that there is no dynamic compression to choke or compress the music during extreme transients. The transient ability of the XB2s and their ability to play accurately and clearly at whatever volume the music takes them, is unsurpassed in their class.

The XB2's are very forgiving regarding positioning which is perfect for today's living environments, which are often less than acoustically ideal. They will perform very well on both stands and shelf mounted, and have a sound stage and depth of image that belies their size and price. They are very easy to drive and do not present any difficult loads to amplifiers.

In today's throwaway society, it is refreshing to know that these loudspeakers will sound just as good in 10 years time as they do today. And we back this up with a 10 year warranty.

They have a classy, clean look that will not date with time, and a lovely natural timber finish which will make them a beautiful addition to any music system for years to come.

The utmost care and due diligence has been taken in every aspect of the design of these little beauties, and the proof is in the final result. Take a listen, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Bookshelf / Stand mount 2-way bass reflex loudspeaker
  Frequency Response 55Hz to 22Khz + - 1.8db On tweeter Axis
  Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms
  Drive unit details 1 x 130mm Woofer - Critically damped doped paper composite cone
1 x 25mm silk dome Tweeter - Ferro fluid cooled, Mild Horn loading
  Cabinet Style Bass Reflex Enclosure (rear ported)
Vented Enclosure
18mm MDF
Timber Veneer
  Recommended Amplifier Power 25W to 100W
  Dimensions (mm) 300(H) x 180(W) x 280(D)
  Net Weight 7Kg
  Finishes Black & Jarrah

Copyright  Subsonic  Creations  2015