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Ribbon Tweeter


The new Subsonic PM Ribbon range is designed with input from Austraila's premier audio retailers, to produce a loudspeaker that is designed to satisfy the most critical listener. With newly designed drivers, a stunning new tweeter, and a uniquely different crossover design, this new range has been created to be unlike anything else in it's price category.

The New Subsonic Ribbon Tweeter

A ribbon tweeter is different from conventional dome tweeters in a way that its diaphragm also acts as a coil-less current pass. This unique structure leads to many advantages despite of its relatively higher cost, including:

1. Lower mass = higher efficiency/frequency and better transient response.

2. Lower inductance = flatter impedance and frequency response.

3. Homogeneous diaphragm movement = lower distortion.

The aluminum ribbon on Subsonic’s ribbon tweeter is 8.5mm wide and only 0.009mm thick. It is hand crafted with honeycomb micro-structures and formed into a wave-shape to achieve the best rigidity.

The use of an expensive Neodymium magnet ensures a uniform and high flux density (6000Guass) magnetic field. The result is a world-leading tweeter with frequency extension up to 30kHz and a harmonic distortion less than 1%.

The Midrange chamber has been made to our exacting specifications - ensuring optimum volume, and damping material for perfect crossover matching to the tweeter and Mid-bass driver. This gives greater dynamic range compared to standard midranges, and a smoother more open performance.

* The PM1‘s are QUAD-WIREABLE - allowing absolute control over each driver, and each frequency range. With four separate hand made crossovers (all soldered to the drivers) which can all be driven on independent power amplifiers, you have total control over the power input to the individual drivers. You can single, bi, tri, or quad amplifiy the PM1 loudspeakers as your needs and budget allows.

We believe you wont find a similar priced product that comes close in terms of power handling and musical performance - Let the new PM1’s entertain you.

4-Way Bass reflex loudspeaker
Quad-Wireable Terminals
  Frequency Response 29Hz to 30kHz (+-2.5 dB)
  Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
  Drive unit details BASS  DRIVERS
2 x 165mm Woofer - Critically damped doped paper composite cone

1x 165mm Woofer - Critically damped doped paper composite cone
1 x 130mm Shielded midrange. Critically damped doped paper cone.
Midrange Chamber volume: 1.8 litres.

1 x110mm Aluminium Ribbon Tweeter.
Diaphragm 8mm x 66mm x 0.009mm (528 square mm)
  Cabinet Style Vented Enclosure
18mm MDF
32mm Baffle
Timber Veneer
360 degree interlock bracing
  Crossover: 18dB/ octave 4-Way crossover
  Recommended Amplifier  Power 25W to 200W
  Dimensions (mm) 1065(H) x 230(W) x 395(D)
  Net Weight 35Kg
  Finishes Jarrah

Copyright  Subsonic  Creations  2015