The The PC1 has been designed differently from the ground up. The goal was to design a centre channel that would create the ultimate home cinema experience and remove many of the usual limitations associated with centre channels. The result is a centre speaker of the highest calibre - very open sound stage, extremely wide horizontal and vertical dispersion, a centre speaker that will suit any room, and a sound big enough to match it with any size screen you want to throw at it.

Traditionally, centre channels have only really given their best results directly on-axis, with the response dropping off dramatically as you move further off axis.

The PC 1 uses a field dispersion design, combined with our precise tweeter and midrange placement, creating outstanding horizontal and vertical sound dispersion, regardless of the listeners position, or whether the centre is placed above or below the screen. This provides maximum home cinema enjoyment for all listeners in the room.

This also creates an extremely open sound stage, with depth and stunning realism that sounds equally as exciting whether you are seated directly in front or are in more of an off-axis listening position, thus providing maximum enjoyment for all listeners. This is also an absolute must for larger televisions and projection screens - where you want the size of the sound to match the size of the visual impact.

The PC 1 uses the same drivers as the PM1 MKII front speakers,  providing one of the best tonally matched systems available on the market today.
Correct bass response is essential to maximise the overall involvement and excitement of the home cinema experience, especially with the latest digital formats such as Blu-Ray etc. The PC 1 has exceptional bass response, so music and action always sounds full and extended, not thin and bass shy like so many conventional centre channels.

Combine all the above features with the dynamic capability to produce all the effects of the Hollywood blockbusters with sheer explosive impact and excitement, you have a centre speaker of unparalleled performance - the Subsonic PC 1.

If you have been looking for the ultimate centre channel loudspeaker to transform your home cinema system, then the PC 1 is the product for you

3-WAY Bass reflex loudspeaker
Bi-Wireable Terminals
  Frequency Response 35Hz to 30kHz (+-2.5 dB)
  Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
  Drive unit details BASS  DRIVERS
2 x 165mm Woofer - Critically damped doped paper composite cone

2 x 130mm Shielded midrange. Critically damped doped paper cone.
Midrange Chamber volume: 1.8 litres.

2 x110mm Aluminium Ribbon Tweeter. Diaphragm 8mm x 66mm x 0.009mm (528 square mm)
  Cabinet Style Vented Enclosure
18mm MDF
32mm Baffle
Timber Veneer
360 degree interlock bracing
  Crossover: 18dB/ octave 3-Way crossover
  Recommended Amplifier Power 25W to 200W
  Dimensions (mm) 230(H) x 950(W) x 425(D)
  Net Weight 30Kg
  Finishes Jarrah

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