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The new CS200 represents a new standard in ceiling loudspeakers in terms of build quality, musicality, reliability, and overall value for money in their respective price range.  Designed in Australia by the Subsonic team and built to very high standards, the CS200 is an excellent performing speaker.

The CS200 utilises a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter to provide outstanding clarity, realism and dynamics. It pivots on it’s axis so the optimum sweet spot can be achieved, regardless of installation position.

The propriety mid/bass driver is designed for articulate musical accuracy, low distortion and high power handling capabilities. The cone is high quality Carbon fibre, which provides natural tones, and with the quality rubber surrounds will provide years of trouble free listening.

Tone Attenuation
The CS200 Ceiling speakers have both bass and treble attenuation. These switches are located under the mesh grille, on either side of the tweeter. These can be used to tonally match the speakers to your other speakers in a home cinema system, or to compensate for room acoustics.

Tweeter +       for a brighter more livelier sound, with slightly more forward vocals
Tweeter -        for a more laid back sound, or to compensate for a brighter listening environment
Bass +            for a warmer fuller sound with increased bass output
Bass -             for a leaner, tighter sound

Fast Installation
The speaker wire terminals are extra heavy duty and can take up to 14AWG speaker wire, allowing for the best quality speaker cables to be used.

Heavy duty mounting clips make installation an extremely quick and simple process. Installation is easy for anyone who knows how to use a screwdriver, and the comprehensive instructions along with cut-out template makes installation a breeze.

The CS200 can be painted to match the room colours, and a painting mask for the speakers is also supplied.

The CS200 is recommended to be used in most room types such as living room, dining, and other rooms or areas where quality sound is desired.

Infinite baffle design In-Ceiling loudspeaker
Woofer and tweeter attenuation switching
Heavy Duty, Gold plated, large cable gauge terminals
  Frequency Response 55Hz to 25Khz + - 3 db On tweeter Axis
6 element 12dB/octave crossover utilising audiophile quality
crossover components.
Attenuation switching on both woofer and tweeter
  Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
  Drive unit details 1 x 200mm Carbon Fibre woofer
1 x 25mm Pivoting aluminium dome tweeter
  Recommended Amplifier Power 15W to 100W
  Cut-out Dimensions
  Cut-out Cavity minimum Depth
250 mm diameter
130 mm
  Net Weight 1.7Kg
  Finishes White (Paintable)

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